Bagpipe Interest Sites

  • Bagpipe Society – British Bagpipe Society site with lots of links and info.
  • – If you want to get connected with smallpipe players in the UK.
  • Prydein – Fantastic site collection all the historical bagpipe iconography.
  • Pipersgathering – American Pipers Gathering held in August.
  • – Northumbrian Smallpipe history
  • Sackpfeifenclub – Good German bagpipe club site.

Bagpipe Festival Sites

Historical Interest Links

I am part of a historical re-enactment group called Melford Hys Companie and am interested in the history of musical instrument development. Here are some links that reflect this interest.

Instrument Making Sites

  • West Dean College – Excellent Arts and Crafts college where I learned much of what I know about general instrument making.

People who play my pipes